Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of a group of professionals representing the country’s private and public sectors. All members of the Board of Trustees will provide their services ad-honorem, according to article 8 of Law No. 8 that creates it.

Some of its powers are:

a) Approve or reject the draft annual income and expense budget, as well as the Park’s Annual Investment Plan prepared and presented by the Park’s general director, for which the available funds and the Park’s needs will be taken into account.
b) Approve extraordinary expenses, in accordance with the regulations issued for that purpose.
c) Organize the appropriate means to obtain funds, as well as technical, scientific and administrative assistance to fulfill its purposes.
d) Grant concessions for specific uses and indicate their terms and conditions, within the framework established by articles 3 and 4 of this law.
e) Approve the internal regulations for various topics such as human resources, use of facilities, investigations and others.

In addition, according to article 10 of the law in question, the Board of Trustees is empowered by this law to receive subsidies, allocations and donations granted by the government, public to private entities, individuals to legal entities, national or foreign, for the execution of programs related to the administration and management of the park.

It is likewise authorized by this law to manage the funds and resources it receives for the stated purposes, in addition to the sums it receives for the services it provides and the product of any other activity it carries out to obtain funds.


Through Law No. 8 of July 5, 1985, the Metropolitan Natural Park is established (article 1) and it is also stated that it will be governed by a Board of Trustees with legal status according to article 5 of said law.

The Board is made up of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

ONG: STRI (Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Research)

AIPEP (Association for Research and Propagation of Panamanian Species)

ACU (United Civic Associations)

Panama Audubon Society

Ciudad del Saber Foundation

3 organismos públicos

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Ministry of Environment

Panama City Hall

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