Rules and Regulations

  • Gathering, harvesting or collecting plants or wildlife of any kind.
  • Causing harm or distress of any kind to the fauna and flora of the PNM.
  • Introducing domestic animals or species not otherwise found in the PNM.
  • Disposal of waste (solid or liquid)⁠inside the PNM.
  • Lighting campfires or bonfires.
  • Use of bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and electric scooters within the conservation area and hiking trails.
  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Feeding the animals
  • Hanging or swinging from vines, or climbing trees
  • Listening to amplified music
  • Removing flora or fauna from the site

Regulations for the use of event rooms

  • The Metropolitan Natural Park is not responsible for any equipment or materials used to carry out the event, which must be inventoried by the event organizers.
  • The Metropolitan Natural Park cannot provide storage of any kind and therefore is not responsible for the damage and/or loss of any materials or equipment left in the rooms. All equipment and materials must be taken away by the event organizers immediately after the event.
  • The event organizers will be responsible for any damage, deterioration or stains to the walls of the space, equipment, decorations or facilities that are property of the Metropolitan Natural Park. It will not be possible to move or remove decorative items in the PNM without prior consultation with Metropolitan Natural Park staff.
  • Where events at the Metropolitan Natural Park are delivered by a third party, responsibility for any damage or risks to the attendees of the event will lie with the owner of the equipment and the organizing company, and the PNM will not be responsible. Rules for booking a guided tour.

Rules for booking a guided tour

  • You must request a date at least one or two weeks in advance to see the park’s availability.
  • To book the requested date you must send the booking form fully completed.
  • Guided tours run Monday through Friday and start at 8:30 am.
  • The maximum number of participants in a tour is 30 people, divided into 2 groups. Where groups are larger than 30 people, an additional surcharge of B/ 10.00 will be payable. This general surcharge pays for the cost of an additional tour guide.
  • Choose the route and enter it into the booking form.
  • The group must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. There will be a 30-minute window to wait for the group, after which time the length of the tour will be shortened.
  • During the tour, there must be a person responsible for the institution or organization.
  • Any group that cannot attend on their reserved date must notify us two (2) days in advance, either by telephone at 232-5552 or by email during office hours (Mon to Fri 8:00 am – 4:30 pm).

Rules for coordinators and group assistants on guided tours and workshops

  • The discipline and safety of the group within the Metropolitan Natural Park is the group coordinator's responsibility, as well as the members of the organization using the conservation area's goods and services.
  • When conducting field trips on the hiking trails, all groups must be accompanied by the supervisors and guests of the institution visiting the PNM. No group may take their tour if not accompanied by a responsible person.
  • Any participant (for university students and private adults only) who does not wish to continue with the guided tour and wishes to return to the Visitor Center, may do so at their own risk. The PNM will not be responsible for any accident that may occur to unaccompanied persons.
  • Pre-organized guided tours start promptly so be punctual to avoid disappointment (waiting time max 30 minutes). Any group that does not arrive at the scheduled time may only use the remaining time in their slot, and select a route of appropriate length. If a group who has arrived late wishes to take the tour stipulated in their booking registration, they must pay a surcharge of B/.$10.00 / hour.

Rules for hiking, or any activity in green areas

    1. Follow the signs
  • The informative signs and maps will help to keep you safe during your self-guided visit.
  • 2. Stay on the trail paths
  • Reduce the risk of falls, ankle sprains, bites, stings, or other inconveniences. Avoid venturing off the trail paths. The hiking trails were designed to give you safe access to the most impressive sites in the park.
  • Stay on the designated path to minimize the impact of your visit on the forest.
  • 3. Do not touch the plants
  • Some species have stinging hairs and are home to insects. Avoid skin contact with the plants as it may cause an allergic reaction or injury.
  • Exceptions may be made with express permission for research or educational purposes.

Rules for guests of our guided tours

    1. Clothing
  • Participants should dress appropriately for hiking, ideally in neutral colors. We recommend: comfortable/lightweight clothing, long sweatpants or trousers (jeans are not recommended), closed shoes or trainers (no sandals), and a cap or hat.
  • Avoid using perfumes or scented creams that attract insects.
  • 2. Food
  • We recommend eating a healthy breakfast before your visit.
  • You should also bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water.

Regulations for participants in environmental education programs

    1. Teacher Obligations/h5>
  • The informative signs and maps will help to keep you safe during your self-guided visit.
  • Teachers must maintain control and discipline of the group at all times.
  • The teacher should not do personal work, chat, talk on the phone, or leave the group.
  • The teacher is expected to participate in the delivery of the activity together with the park guide.
  • 2. Clothing
  • Participants (both teachers and students) must attend wearing appropriate clothing for the activity, such as long pants, trainers or closed shoes, a cap, a sweater with sleeves or a shirt, preferably in a light, easily visible color.
  • Any student improperly dressed (in a skirt, shorts, t-shirt, sleeveless sweater or sandals), will not be permitted to participate in the field activity.
  • Do not use cologne or perfumed products.
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