Save a native tree

This is an activity where native species from the site are rescued, whose growth is affected by competition within the forest or because they grew naturally due to seed dispersal, located in places like roadside edges, sidewalks, parking lots, and near structures.

The collected seedlings are taken to the nursery for proper care and growth monitoring. These small saplings, upon reaching a height of 0.30 m, are destined to be planted in areas that require restoration in the rainy and dry tropical forest of the protected area.

Boundary Cleaning Day at the PNM

In 1988, a big clean-up day was organized with the support of the Park staff and the participation of the community in order to raise awareness about keeping the areas of the Park that had been littered free. turned into a landfill.

In mid-2008, this activity was resumed with the participation of students from Canada's Laval University, who had the opportunity to create the campaign with a slogan called "I protect my legacy, I think in green” for the continuous cleaning days that have been scheduled annually to commemorate the International Day of National Parks.

"Healthy Park, Healthy People" Day

The "Healthy Park, Healthy People" activity is an initiative by the IUCN, which was approved through resolution WWC-2012-Res-039-SP "Healthy Parks, Healthy People" at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea in 2012.

In 2013, the Metropolitan Natural Park approved the implementation of the event and has continued to organize the "Healthy Park, Healthy People" event for over ten consecutive years, making it the first protected area in Panama to hold such an event within its premises.

Hiking and Fair in Commemoration of Earth Day

The Metropolitan Natural Park celebrates and organizes the environmental fair every year in commemoration of Earth Day.

Every year, we arrange this beautiful, free activity for the entire family, with the participation of schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, private companies, the press, and the general public. The purpose is to raise awareness among the population about the significance of promoting actions related to environmental issues and the conservation of our planet’s resources.

Green Connection

It is a program that has been taking place since the year 2018, within the facilities of the Metropolitan Natural Park, in commemoration of the Elderly Day. This program aims to highlight the connection with nature through activities specially designed for them. This year, the event took place on Saturday, July 29th, with a tribute to Dr. Dorothy Wilson as the theme, and 9 participants took part. The event started in the “Las Oropéndolas Hall,” where participants were given badges with their names and a light refreshment. Subsequently, the schedule of activities began, including socializing among participants, games, and a short walk along the trails.

Tourism Forum

The annual tourism forum is an event held each year in celebration of World Tourism Day. The PNM (Metropolitan Natural Park) invites various specialists from diverse fields of tourism and the environment to participate as presenters at this event.

Universities, schools, institutions, organizations, and the general public take part in this activity, all of whom are interested in gaining innovative knowledge about ecotourism and environmental practices.

As the department responsible for organizing this event, the Ecotourism Department of PNM strives to innovate each year and present the public with topics of interest. Additionally, it aims to encourage attendees to engage in activities that offer the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of our country while also learning about the regulations in place to protect it.


The reforestation season begins in June or July, and visits will preferably be coordinated 2 or 3 weeks in advance (depending on the requested seedlings). The formal procedure is as follows:

  • The applicant must propose a date to verify availability.
  • You must confirm the number of participants and seedlings.
  • The activity details will be confirmed by the PNM five days before the event.
  • The company coordinator or responsible person must correspond with the PNM⁠ via email.
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